Composite Veneers.
Instant Smile Transformation.

Composite Veneers are a non-invasive, pain-free way to transform your smile instantly. Made from a thin layer of engineered resin, these veneers are fitted by Cosmetic Dental experts to refresh the shape, size, colour, and alignment of your teeth.

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Australia’s Most Affordable Composite Veneers.

Everyone deserves the confidence that comes with a spectacular smile. CosMediSmile offers high-quality Filtek 3M Composite Veneers for an unbeatable price. Now that’s something to smile about.

Veneer Benefits.
Boosting Smile Confidence.

Looking for an instant, non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment? Composite Veneers are custom fitted to transform your smile in as little as one session. CosMediSmile veneers can mask discoloured teeth, fill unwanted gaps or chips, and correct minor alignment issues. The result is a wider, whiter, and more balanced smile—one you’ll want to show off to the world.


What Are The Benefits of Composite Veneers?
As well as boosting your smile confidence, our custom Composite Veneers can resolve a range of dental concerns with little to no preparation required.

Non-invasive Transformation | Composite Veneers are a non-invasive, fast alternative to traditional veneers. With no drilling or injections required, our custom Composite Veneers can be fitted in as little as one treatment session.

Stained & Discoloured Teeth | Whiter, brighter smiles can be achieved with Composite Veneers. To improve stained or discoloured teeth, our skilled Cosmetic Dental team can mix composite resin colours to achieve your preferred natural white shade.

Chipped or Broken Teeth | Veneers are a great way to restore chipped or broken teeth. While coating the surface of your existing teeth, CosMediSmile dentists will sculpt your Composite Veneers to achieve the smile shape you desire.

Teeth Gaps | Composite Veneers can fill unwanted tooth gaps to transform your smile. Our Cosmetic Dental experts will work with you to design a custom smile and sculpt and set your veneers to address any areas of concern.

Small-Sized Teeth | Achieve a wider, more symmetrical smile with Composite Veneers. Clients who have naturally small teeth, or suffer from wear due to grinding, can re-balance their smile with a strong veneer coating.

Thin Enamel | Worried about thinning tooth enamel? Because Composite Veneers sit over your natural teeth, they can protect them from future deterioration. Certainly, a benefit to fill you with long-lasting smile confidence.

Crooked & Misaligned Teeth | Improve minor misalignments and crooked teeth with expertly fit Composite Veneers. CosMediTour veneers can restore balance and help you achieve a dazzling, symmetrical smile.

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Our Smile Gallery.
Before & After Veneer Makeovers.

We’ve helped thousands of clients discover the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile. Take a look at these incredible, often life-changing results in our smile gallery.

Perfect Composite Veneers.
By Trusted Dentists.

Trust that you’ll get flawless results with CosMediSmile. Our expert dentists have created thousands of stunning smile makeovers and are the cosmetic dentistry team of choice. From free assessments to unparalleled care and fast results, there’s so many reasons why clients choose us.


Free Assessment | Find out if Composite Veneers are right for you by completing our free assessment. Conducted online, our assessments are fast, easy, and obligation-free.

The Best Prices | We offer the best prices for our Composite Veneer makeovers. High-quality, affordable smile transformations cost from $399 per tooth.

Fast Results | Forget smile makeovers that take weeks of designing and preparation. Our Composite Veneers can be fitted in one appointment. Say “Hello” to same-day transformation!

The Best Cosmetic Dentists | Our team is highly skilled, experienced, and solely focused on creating outstanding Cosmetic Dentistry solutions. Trust that you’re in the hands of a dentist at the forefront of smile design.

All-Inclusive Packages | CosMediSmile veneer packages are all-inclusive with no hidden costs. The price you pay will cover:

  • The services of a highly skilled Cosmetic Dentist
  • Pre & Post-treatment consultations
  • Custom designed Composite Veneers
  • 3D scan and impressions of your teeth
  • Composite Veneer fit, cure & polish
  • A protective night guard
  • A Whitening Kit to take home
  • A dedicated Client Manager to support you all the way

Collaborative Design | Our Cosmetic Dental experts will work with you to design your desired smile. Whether a natural look, or a show-stopping Hollywood smile, we’ll make sure your transformation is unique to you.

Spectacular Outcomes | Our goal is to empower clients with all the confidence that comes with an amazing outstanding smile. To see our results, check out our 5-star client rating and extensive before & after gallery.

Premium Engineered Resin | Quality is important to us. To ensure a flawless smile that stands up to daily pressures, our Cosmetic Dental experts use premium engineered resin to craft your Composite Veneers.

Seamless Travelling Process | We treat clients from all over Australia in our Gold Coast dental clinics. Make use of our free video consultations before you travel, then enjoy a beachside getaway, stress-free, thanks to our fast treatment timeline.

Care That’s Second To None | Trust you’re in safe hands, not just because our dentists are renowned for their high standards of care, but because we’ll be there every step of the way too. Your dedicated Client Manager will be there to answer your questions, arrange your appointments and ensure that you’re happy before and after your dental treatment.

A Stunning New Smile in One Treatment.

One of the main benefits of Composite Veneers is that they can be fit, cured, and polished in just one appointment. Forget unnecessary travel for appointments and sneaky hidden costs—your CosMediSmile journey will begin with a free phone or video consultation, no matter where you are in Australia. Our friendly Client Support Specialists will take the time to understand your desired results then make an obligation-free treatment recommendation.

Veneer Consultation and Design
Step ONE

Consultation & Smile Design

Step One is all about designing your new smile. Meet with your dentist for an open, honest chat about what you hope to achieve with Cosmetic Dentistry. Discuss your smile goals, select your preferred veneer shade and shape, and have impressions taken ahead of your Smile Trial.

Veneer Preparation

Smile Trial & Preparation

Using your impressions, a cast model of your teeth will be made. Your dentist will use this model to trial your smile and allow you to see the results before treatment begins. 

Veneer Application

Applying Your New Smile

It’s time for your stunning new smile. Your dentist will slightly etch the enamel of your teeth to help with adhesion, then apply a thin coat of composite resin. The resin will be shaped, contoured, then cured using a special blue light, before being polished to truly complete your new look.

Veneer Review and Refinement
Step Four

Show Off Your Smile

With your Composite Veneers fitted and set, you’re free to go out and show your smile off to the world. Before you leave, you’ll receive a protective night guard and we’ll capture some photos to showcase your stunning new pearly whites.

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Our Google Reviews


I had the most amazing experience and felt extremely comfortable and looked after! The entire team and process were excellent and the results have been life-changing for me. I can now smile with confidence for the first time!

Jessica R.

I was delighted with the result as it was just what I asked for, I wanted a natural look that was a few shades whiter and that’s exactly what they did.

Andrea F.

CosMediSmile were so great! Really helpful and responsive. The dentist I went through for my veneers was amazing, I am so happy with the results!

Merryl W.

The process was so easy and smooth, I absolutely could not fault it! Wish I had done it sooner! Such perfect results.

Jason C.

I cannot recommend Cosmedismile enough. I recently booked in and could not be happier with the treatment and my results.

Sarah T.

After putting off treatment for about 5 years I finally went for it. I cannot even tell you how much of a confidence boost it is having a great smile again! Absolutely recommend.

Jo B.

I am beyond happy with not only the process but also the end result! The whole team were amazing and made the experience a fantastic one. 10/10.

Joyce R.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Great decisions start with great questions.  So please ask us as many as you can to find out if Composite Veneers are right for you. To get you started, we’ve compiled the answers to our most frequently asked questions. For more help, contact us on 1300 000 633.

How long do Composite Veneers last?

If cared for correctly, Composite Veneers can last 7 – 10 years. While durable, Composite Veneers can be prone to chipping and staining. Be sure to follow the care instructions from Cosmetic Dental experts, and wear your protective night guard to prevent damage from grinding/clenching.

What are Composite Veneers made from?

Composite Veneers are made from high-quality engineered resin – a material that matches natural teeth in colour. One of the benefits of composite resin is that it can be easily repaired. Unlike Porcelain Veneers, you will not require a full replacement if your Composite Veneers get broken.

What issues can Composite Veneers address?

Composite Veneers are a non-invasive, pain-free way to transform tooth colour, shape, and size. These Veneers can address tooth discolouration/staining, small-sized teeth, minor misalignments, and chipped or gappy teeth.

How much do Composite Veneers cost?

At CosMediSmile, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices for our Composite Veneer makeovers. These high-quality, affordable smile transformations cost from $399 per tooth. View our Composite Veneer Packages.

Are Composite Veneers reversible?

Composite Veneers involve less preparation (i.e. less enamel to be removed), so they can be removed without damaging a client’s natural teeth. In most cases, clients choose to keep reaping the benefits of their transformed smile, and instead have their Composite Veneers replaced or repaired.

Can Composite Veneers be whitened?

Once fitted, Composite Veneers cannot be whitened. However, your Dentist can match your desired tooth shade before placing them. This is done by mixing composite resin colours.

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