The cost of Veneers depends on a few key factors. Let us answer the most common influences of the price for Dental Veneers in Australia.

Type of Dental Veneers

The type of Veneers you decide to get will greatly influence your budget. Composite Veneers make mild modifications to someone’s current smile. Size and shape can be altered however, the resin is the same colour as your natural tooth. Furthermore, a composite veneer has a lifespan of only 4-8 years and therefore all these factors make them a much cheaper price.

If you are looking for more of a long term smile makeover by having long lasting, high quality Porcelain Veneers, then you should expect to pay a little bit more upfront. If taken care of correctly, Porcelain Veneers can last from 10-30 years and are strain resistant! The extra money you pay goes towards the durability and quality of the Veneer itself, making them a good long term smile investment.

Dental Specialist

The dentist that you choose to go to will dramatically alter the cost of your Veneers. Cosmetic Dentists who specialise in Veneers will more often be the most affordable option. This is because their clients are all after the same product and they have well established connections with Fabrication manufacturers. Whilst General practicing dentists can offer you Porcelain Veneers, market research shows their overall price comes out to be the least competitive of the two.


The Location where you are choosing to have your Veneers done is bound to influence the price. If you live regionally, your local Dentist is not going to necessarily have access to the same materials required for the fabrication of the Veneers as those Cosmetic Dentists who live in Metropolitan areas. On the contrary, the overhead costs of businesses in metropolitan areas is significantly greater and therefore may be covered in the cost of services. Rest assured at CosMediTour, we pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive prices to all our clients, without minimising the quality of safety of our products and services.


The fabrication relates to the materials and manufacturing development of the Veneers. The choice of materials used to make the Veneers in addition to whether a person or machine makes the Veneers will significantly impact the overall price you should expect to pay.

At CosMediSmile, Veneers are custom made from state of the art machines, right here in Australia, not overseas! We use high quality IPS E-max Porcelain and have a starting package price of 8 Veneers for $5,990. That is less than $750 per tooth! We also offer 10, 16 and 20 Veneer packages, as well as amazing dental crown options for you to choose from. View all Veneer Prices Here.

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