CosMediSmile Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions

CosMediSmile Pty Ltd ACN: 647 683 609 (“CosMediTour”) and “the Client:

The “Client” acknowledges and agrees with the following:


1.1 CosMediTour is a medical and dental tourism facilitator.

1.2 CosMediTour arranges submission of health and other material (provided by you) for evaluation for possible aesthetic dental treatments or other procedures by an appropriate dental specialist or another healthcare provider, and where appropriate also arranges bookings for dental consultations and procedures only.

1.3 CosMediTour only coordinates services and does not itself provide any dental, surgical, medical or healthcare service.

1.4 CosMediTour does not have a financial interest in any of the Clinics or healthcare providers with whom bookings are made.

1.5 CosMediTour acts as a conduit for the provision of dental medical information from the Clinics and healthcare providers to you but does not employ any dental specialists, surgeons or other health practitioners.

1.6 Any information provided to you by CosMediTour in relation to a proposed health or dental treatment has been provided by the Clinics or healthcare providers which will provide the treatment or healthcare.

1.7 CosMediTour provides dental medical information to you on behalf of the dental  practitioners and healthcare providers in good faith, but without offering or providing dental or medical advice.

1.8 CosMediTour recommends that you obtain independent dental advice or a second opinion from an appropriately qualified dental specialist in relation to any treatment which you might be considering or which you have asked CosMediTour to coordinate.



2.1 CosMediTour will provide the information collected from you to the Clinics and healthcare providers and from which health or dental services might be obtained for the purposes of a dental  recommendation of your suitability for, and if approved, the provision of a dental treatment or health procedure.

2.2 A non refundable deposit of $1000 or $2000 (depending on package) is payable to CosMediSmile to secure a treatment start date.   The balance of the estimated price is payable 45 days prior to the start of treatment.  Unless a treatment date is confirmed within 45 days, in which case the balance is payable when invoiced.

2.3 CosMediTour will not release any information collected from you to any other person without your consent.

2.4 You must provide true and complete disclosure of all health, lifestyle and other information requested by CosMediTour, or any healthcare provider or Clinic. This includes information provided to CosMediTour in person, information provided by completing a CosMediTour website online Assessment Form, all written and verbal communications, and all information required by any healthcare provider or clinic.

2.5 You must disclose details of all dental and medical conditions and medications taken (past and current) that are currently, or have been treated by any dental, medical or healthcare professional including alternative therapists.

2.6 You agree to be responsible for and will agree to pay any additional costs incurred by CosMediTour, the Clinic or the healthcare provider due to you providing incorrect, incomplete or misleading information.



3.1 When you make an initial enquiry, your preferred requirements are discussed with you, and CosMediTour provides information about the Clinic, dental treatment/packages and healthcare provider from whom services may be obtained.

3.2 CosMediTour does not guarantee your experience, nor that you will be satisfied with the dental treatment outcome, and CosMediTour recommends that you make your own enquiries both in relation to the suitability of the proposed treatment and the Clinic and healthcare providers.

3.3 You must complete the online Assessment Form including providing quality photographs according to the accompanying information.

3.4 Following the provision of the Assessment Form and photos and OPG, the Clinic or healthcare provider will provide a dental recommendation about your suitability for the treatment you have requested.

3.5 If the evaluation shows that the proposed procedure is likely to be suitable, CosMediTour will begin arrangements with the Clinic for the consultation and all treatments thereafter only.

3.6 You will attend a consultation with the dental specialist provider prior to commencing any treatments. At that consultation, the dentist will give to you details of the treatment plan, an evaluation of whether or not you should proceed with the surgery, and any other medical or health advice which the dental specialist deems suitable.

3.7 If a dental/oral condition develops and becomes apparent on the day of your first treatment, your dentist will discuss this with you, and your treatments will be rescheduled.

3.8 The Clinic and healthcare provider at all times reserves the right to refuse to carry out a procedure for any reason.

3.9 If you decide to proceed following the consultation and examination, after having received details of the final treatment plan and costs, your treatment will proceed on the previously arranged surgery date.

3.10 The Dental Clinic or Specialist reserves the right to deny any treatments, if a scheduled appointment time is not met without advice by the Client of the cancellation. Any subsequent appointments may also be cancelled.

3.11 You acknowledge that all individuals have different post-treatment recovery rates, results and reactions to the anaesthetic, pain medication, antibiotics and other items.

3.12 You acknowledge that there is an expected post treatment and care recovery period, during which time all care must be taken with lifestyle and activity levels, so as not to compromise the eventual dental aesthetic outcome.

3.13 You acknowledge that if a problem arises post-treatment you are required to inform CosMediTour of the details, and this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Clinic and healthcare provider, NOT CosMediTour. You may be required to return to the Clinic for surgery and treatment at a time frame decided by the Clinic and healthcare provider. Costs will also be determined by the Clinic and healthcare provider.

3.14 If there are any complications, infections, unexpected outcomes you are not satisfied with post-surgery, you must immediately advise the Clinic and healthcare provider directly.



4.1 Prices for packages or procedures listed on the CosMediTour website and other marketing channels as well as discussions which CosMediTour has with you during initial enquiries or consultations are indicative surgical and package prices only. It is not possible to determine the final price until after your consultation and physical examination by the dental specialist.

4.2 Prices listed are current at the time of publication and are subject to change by the Clinic and healthcare provider on a case-by-case basis without notice.

4.3 The final cost of any intended procedure will be confirmed at the time of your consultation and examination by the dental specialist.

4.4 You acknowledge that the dental package prices do NOT include the costs of any other dental treatments you may require prior to your dental package treatment.



5.1 You acknowledge that you may withdraw from the booked dental treatment at any time prior to the treatment taking place if you are not entirely comfortable with the final treatment plan. The CosMediSmile Cancellation Policy applies.

5.2 You agree that CosMediTour is not liable for the provision of, or the outcomes of, any dental treatments or your overall experience during your treatment, recovery or travel. You agree to release (and by signing these Terms and Conditions do release) CosMediTour from all responsibility.



6.1 Costs, booking Terms and Conditions for accommodation options that may be promoted by CosMediTour will vary depending on the property, accommodation type, and travel dates.

6.2 It is important that you follow the dental clinics’ and all travel protocols surrounding COVID, including any Government restrictions.

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