Operation Thailand Television Series

Operation Thailand is a popular medical travel television series filmed in partnership with CosMediTour in Thailand. 

CosMediTour is the official Plastic Surgery facilitator for Operation Thailand, and after two years in the making, the trailer was filmed in September 2014, followed by the official series being filming in 2016, Operation Thailand went to air in May 2017.

Featured On Free to Air Network Channel Nine

Operation Thailand is filmed in Australia, Bangkok and Phuket. Over 10, one hour episodes you’ll follow the emotional journeys of 30 CosMediTour Clients (both men and women), who travelled to Thailand to undergo a diverse range of Plastic Surgery and Dental procedures. The series not only follows the personal experiences, Plastic Surgery and Dental outcomes of the featured CosMediTour clients, but showcases the immaculate Thailand medical tourism industry and healthcare system to not only Australia, but the world.

Operational Thailand features some of CosMediTour’s most popular Plastic Surgeons and Dental Specialists including Dr Vichulada (Dental Specialist), Dr Somkiat (Dental Specialist), Dr Montien, Dr Pornthep, Dr Visnu, Dr Witoon, Dr Sanguan and Dr Veerawat, performing surgeries at three of our best Hospitals.

Visit the Official Operation Thailand Website for more details about the clients, their stories, Plastic Surgeons, Dental specialists, Hospitals and Clinics featured in the series!