About Your Treatment. 
Four-Steps To Your New Smile. 

Our 4-step smile makeover process is designed to make your dental treatment convenient and comfortable. Remember, our Client Support Specialists are here to ensure you feel confident and supported every step of the way. Here we outline what can expect at each of your appointments.

About Appointment Schedule
Our Process-Smile Makeover Treatment

Consultation One Hour

  • Full dental examination including of your teeth, gums, face & neck screening, X-rays
  • 3D scanning & photos
  • Scale, clean & polish
  • Comprehensive consultation with your Dentist on ideal smile
  • Choose your shade & style
Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Preparation Two Hours

  • Try-in of your smile style,
  • Discussion & adjustments to finalise your smile
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Digital scan of  teeth
  • Your temporary veneers or crowns placed
  • Please note, temporary material can easily stain and break. Read about foods to avoid 
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Application Two Hours

  • Try-in of your final veneers or crowns (please note if changes need to be made, extra appointments/cost may be required)
  • Local Anaesthetic
  • Impression taken to create your mouthguard
  • Photos of teeth & gums 
Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Review One Hour

  • Assessment of bite
  • Teeth polishing
  • Removal of any excess cement around teeth 
  • Receive your mouthguard &  whitening kit
  • Photos of your amazing new smile!